Roundtuit Coaching, Mediation & Training

Starting a business? A new chapter in life?  "Starting Afresh" will help you prepare.

Change or Transition? Spread your wings & make the most of life.

Challenges and Obstacles? We'll help you "Find the Silver Lining" and bounce back.

Arguing instead of talking? Learn how to manage conflict and make life less stressful.

Not sure how it works? We're happy to listen to what you want and discuss how we can help.

What you'll get from working with Roundtuit ...

  • Problem solving techniques which work for you
  • Clarification of your values, goals and options
  • Knowledge of what is holding you back
  • Better use of existing resources 
  • Increased  resilience and motivation
  • Tools to create, maintain and rebuild trust
  • Less conflict, more confidence
  • A different view

Starting Afresh

Spreading your wings

Finding the Silver Lining

Conflict Resolution